We assist you, based on our patent insight and on your business insight, in answering your patent questions, making patent decisions and taking action when planning, at filing, during prosecution and after grant of patents

We have the tools to find out, whether you need to spend much, or only a limited, time and money managing patents. We use tools, which are subject to patent pending, giving you access to up-to-date technology.    

What we do 

Risks and opportunities

If the answers tell, that you need to have more patents or have better patents, we have a network of patent agencies, whom we trust drafting your patent applications. We can also give you a second opinion on your patents or on your competitors’ patents. 
If the answers tell, that you have too many patents or have too limited patents, we and inovia.com have knowledge of patent costs in various countries. We can answer how much money your patents will cost, and which patents may be the best spending money on.

Anywhere, anytime

In today’s world, you sometimes must, or possibly want to, work out-of-office. Either you are travelling a lot, or you work from other locations than your office desk, or perhaps you work freelance. We welcome virtual teams and a decentralised business.
PatentAct can be reached anywhere, anytime. You may answer some questions at one time, at one location, while others may answer other questions, at another time, at another location. We collect and analyse all answers, and we give you the insight.

Foreign filing

 inovia.com nationalizes more PCT applications than any law firm in the world. Its global instruction platform, inovia.com, simplifies the PCT national stage entry, direct (Paris Convention) filing and European validation processes.
With headquarters in New York, offices in London, Munich and Sydney, and agents covering over 130 countries, inovia.com supports you in all major time zones. inovia.com is your one point of contact to nationalizing PCT application